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That our hearts may drift Godward

Providence by John Piper — Free

It’s amazing that Piper has made his entire collection of books and sermons free. In what might be his magnum opus book on the sovereignty of God, John Piper presents us the Biblical God as He is set forth for us in Scripture. Meant to be read as a reference or from cover to cover, every page will reset your faith and give you an eternal perspective. If you are an audible or hard copy person, Providence is available for purchase. Enjoy!

John MacArthur’s most recent sermon

He was not feeling well when he preached it. Not at all. You can tell by his labored breathing but his mind is ever-sharp. When he ended this message, he had a medical incident that prevented him from repeating it the 2nd service, and has not been in the pulpit since. All of us hope that he is ready by the time Shepherd’s Conference arrives, but as you listen, pray for Pastor John. He is a great defender of the faith and one of the greatest expositors in church history.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s New Release is Spectacular

His was one of the first Christian albums I ever listened to as a new believer (The Great Adventure), and what he has produced throughout the years has never ceased to minister to me greatly. I pray this new song, “Don't Lose Heart” ministers to you.

Late night hospital thoughts

When you watch your kids in the hospital, helplessly, and wish you could take their pain on yourself (but cannot), here are the thoughts that came to mind.

  1. God loves our kids more than we ever could.

  2. Affliction makes everything else in the world take it's true significance.

  3. The best version of our spouses comes out in adversity.

  4. The body is the most amazing gift.

  5. First responders really are heroes who push back the curse.

God, save our children

This prayer, offered by Puritan George Swinnock , captures what the heart of every God-fearing parent since Job has prayed and longed for their children to know and experience.

Whatever My God Ordains is Right

This OLD hymn contains some of the most precious truths ever put to music.

Lyrics are:

1 Whate'er my God ordains is right:

his holy will abideth;

I will be still, whate'er he doth,

and follow where he guideth.

He is my God; though dark my road,

he holds me that I shall not fall:

wherefore to him I leave it all.

2 Whate'er my God ordains is right:

he never will deceive me;

he leads me by the proper path;

I know he will not leave me.

I take, content, what he hath sent;

his hand can turn my griefs away,

and patiently I wait his day.

3 Whate'er my God ordains is right:

though now this cup, in drinking,

may bitter seem to my faint heart,

I take it, all unshrinking.

My God is true; each morn anew

sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart,

and pain and sorrow shall depart.

4 Whate'er my God ordains is right:

here shall my stand be taken;

though sorrow, need, or death be mine,

yet am I not forsaken.

My Father's care is round me there;

he holds me that I shall not fall:

and so to him I leave it all.

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