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Stirred Up: Is back

What God is Famous For

This song is in my head and I hope it doesn’t leave any time soon. It is an affirmation of God’s faithfulness and a plea that He does what made Him famous in the Bible. May it be as God said in Isaiah 66:19, God will make Himself known to those “that have neither heard My fame nor seen My glory. And they will declare My glory among the nations.” Even more thankful that my kids are the ones who showed it to me — ENJOY!

Worship in heaven

As I prepare for our upcoming series in Revelation, articles like this are incredibly helpful and stirring. I pray they will center your heart, prepare you for the series, and prepare you for heaven.

Signs of Apostasy

In light of how God said things are going to go down at the end, here’s what the Bible says about those who deny the faith (and were never saved). Repeatedly the Scripture warns us against the pulls that is always present, and the need for constant self-examination (2 Corinthians 13:5). These are the marks of apostasy in a progression:

  • Often someone under a self-deception (they think they are saved)

  • Inward underlying hardness of heart against God and His Word

  • Outward display of righteousness

  • Emphasis on deeds not attitudes

  • Worship and prayer are publicly passionate but privately dull

  • Because the private walk is full, the energy they put into their Christianity is often Christian service

  • Superficial response to the word -- more emphasis on interpretation than application

  • Remorse never repentance (sorry with grief, but not Godward)

  • General disinterest in eternal things

  • The benefits of salvation are more exciting than just Christ Himself

  • Admiration for Christ not adoration

  • Compromise when called to suffer for Christ

  • Not lasting joy

  • Secret protect private sin

  • Private feeding of beloved sin

  • Bitterness and unresolved conflict with other people

  • Slow and subtle drift

  • Try to find some defect in Christ, in whom there is some unmet expectation

  • Search for some error in God's Word

  • Slow and subtle drift becomes open and overt.

  • Professing Christians try to find some defect in Christ, in whom there is some unmet expectation

  • They search for some error in God's Word

  • They announce their "concerns"

  • They stop coming to church

  • They walk away

Men of the Word

Here is a series for summer about God’s character, one that will exalt His perfections and stir your affections. Pick anywhere and jump in:

Ask me anything by Tim Challies

This Q&A by Tim Charlies is very helpful. He is a clear thinker and I commend him to you:

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