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Stirred Up In 2023

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Spiritual gold. When he was 17 years old, he made these commitments. Any one of these will be a life changer. Pick one and go hard:

I’m fighting a battle you’ve already won

Newest Shane and Shane. Great song:

Thoughts on finishing well by John MacArthur

As he contemplates the end, this must listen podcast is a reminder for all of us to be faithful.

Great sermon by Steve Lawson

Listen to this when you’re driving or cleaning. The whole thing is great, but the part about the pearl (about 2 minutes long) will knock you out of your chair .

Some thoughts to consider as you use social media

I am off social media now, and I am not missing it — at all. My choice, not binding on anyone else. Nothing wrong with the platforms themselves. They can be a means of ministry or temptation. This article will help you consider how to honor the Lord as you use whatever platform you choose. Applies to group texting as well.

My all time favorite audio Bible

For your reading plan, go in whatever order you want. This is the most interesting Bible listening experience I’ve ever done and if you want to get through the Bible in a year, you will love this:

Helpful insights on how an arranged marriage can help the rest of us

Sounds strange, right?! Suprisingly refreshing how this couple was forced to discover what we sometimes forget or miss.


You can also listen to James Earl Jones read the KJV (caveat — might be a little distracting because it sounds like Darth Vader or Mufasa is reading):

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