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  • Justin Erickson

Not Home Yet

A reminder that we are not home yet

This is what it looks like to be “not home yet” from Alistair Begg. This World Is Not Our Home: Six Marks of a Heavenly Citizen - Blog - Truth For Life

Here’s a book we are LOVING

Take God’s Word to a new level by praying what you are reading through, on behalf of your kids — this forces you to think about practical application and gives you a new reason to keep coming back every day. We are loving it.

A missionary with greater perspective than a President

Another “not home yet” reminder:

Such a great “Go-to” for your Bible questions

R.C. Sproul delivers some of his best material, all collated together in a format that is both encyclopedic and practical. You want this book on your shelf:

Piper on Quitting

Aimed at pastors, but relevant to all of us (I am not thinking of quitting BTW):

Quote I am pondering

“In the Western mind, we work five days to earn the

right to rest and play on the weekend. But God tells believers to start the

week with rest before we work. In Scripture, rest is a gift,

not a reward.” — Dan Dorani

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