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Keeping Stirred Up

Great little book about overcoming fear

This helpful little guide is a welcome and simply reminder of some of the most essential truths needed to overcome fear, anxiety, and worry. Maybe its best feature is how packed it is with quotes from others who have guided many to trust and love God when we face the impossible. Free on Kindle Unlimited:

It's a wonder than I'm loved

This song was recommended to me and as you will see, has truth that reminds us of a love that is eternal and unfailing:

Addictions: Resources for dealing with habitual sin

The entire site is a treasure trove of Biblical resources, which provide and arrange articles on the topics that concern us. I recommend starting here:

Rise and Worship

Described as hymns for a New Reformation, these songs teach theology to a new generation of believers who love truth and want to express it back to God with gratitude. My favorite is: Creator God, Our Sovereign Lord. Listen to the entire album here:

It’s a Wonderful Telescope

You will enjoy all 5+ minutes of this video from the John 10:10 project, which merges the best images of our galaxy with a favorite Christmas move. Your kids will love it too.

The Most Helpful Marriage Advice?

I totally agree:

Pretty Funny Pics

In God’s creation, we get little glimpses of His sense of humor, which these photographers were at the right place to capture. Enjoy:

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