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Keeping Reminded and Built Up

Great companion to Pilgrim’s Progress

Want an in depth companion study to accompany Pilgrim’s Progress? This is a spectacular go-to!

Glad someone said this

And said it well. He’s right, “we don’t live in a world that understands or welcomes grief.” But as believers we should rightly co-mingle grief with hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13), especially mindful that this Christmas, for many, there will be tears.

We make this an annual tradition

Certainly when we can be there live, but over livestream. Watch this site for the upload of the last one, but enjoy years and years of Christmas jubilee, right here.

Did Jesus sing? Yes He did. And Does. Over us.

I love little glimpses from the gospels like these. They remind us that in His humility, Jesus entered into our experience and showed us His glory, and something of the personality and emotions of the Godhead. And by the way, He is still singing (see Zephaniah 3:14-17, see ESV or NIV):

Trend that makes sense but is a call to faithfulness.

God always has a remnant and knows those who are truly His (2 Timothy 2:19), but this is a reminder to be the truth church and watch over those who are drifting:

The Story behind some Christmas Carols that goes further than most

Fascinating to learn how the intersection of history and theology are intertwined in some of our most timeless traditions and songs:

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