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Keeping our gaze Godward

A song I have on repeat

A worshipful companion to Acts and a song I have on repeat: Sovereign Grace’s “Let Your Kingdom Come.” It’s found on the Valley of Vision Album, which also features, “Only Jesus.” “O Great God,” “The Precious Blood,” and “In the Valley” and… just get the whole thing (Great stocking stuffer):

New website I am checking daily

World News MagazIne offers a daily newsletter that I am eager to read early in my day, to catch up on world events and to think through them from a biblical perspective. Sign up for their daily “Sift” at You will be glad you did.

Best Book on Sovereign Grace

If you want to dig deeper on the topic of God’s sovereignty in salvation, while I have read many, David Clotfelter’s book, Sinners in the Hands of a Good God offers the most compelling and helpful explanation of God’s love for us in choosing us to be His bride, and the certainty with which His eternal purposes for us will come to pass in Christ. I challenge you to put it down once you have picked it up. Get it here:

Great to do, even if you don't do it daily — do it at least once

If nothing else, for number 3:

Quote for the Single Guys

“Pray for your future wife, but become the man she's praying for.” Word.

Christmas Gift for men

Ok, this is a bonus and just for fun: if you are looking for a Christmas gift for the men in your lives, can I recommend cologne from Personally crafted and sold by a friend (the manufacturer and owner), his collection is AWESOME. I personally like Cosecha Catalana 2022 and Ernest (both named after people in history whose stories have something to do with the smell). They have tons of other shaving and grooming things men will love.

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