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Christian Voter Guide

This site has relevant information on issues facing Christians with a biblical worldview, state by state. Be sure to check out the Faith and Freedom section as you go to the ballot Tuesday. Filled with other resources that help you the salt and light:

Always relevant and timely

Albert Mohler is urgent about this Tuesday, and offers some very helpful and biblical perspective on the elections — worth the 23 minutes you’ll spend:

So good. Convicting and hopeful at the same time.

Ed Welch is always helpful and this article is like a visit to the dentist — you’ll be throbbing when you’re done with this cleaning, but you will be healthier:

You are not enough, but that’s ok — God is

It’s one thing to be disappointed in others (previous article), but its another to live under the disappointment of God (sometimes self-inflicted, and sometimes by others). Words of comfort and relief in God’s Ministry to the Disappointing:

I was glad to see this Q&A

Very different ministry styles and beliefs on secondary matters, but co-laborers in the gospel of grace, John MacArthur and John Piper come together in this encouraging exchange.

One of the fastest and most memorable reads you will ever need

Biblical Counseling pioneer Jay Adams has written one of the best and most helpful exposition/applications of 1 Corinthians 10:13 you will ever reed and need. Seriously — get it.

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