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Christmas Day Edition

Merry Christmas,

It is an honor to be a special part of your Christmas celebration. We hope these worship elements are a source of refreshment and hope for you and yours this holiday season.

1. Ask someone to open in prayer.

2. Sing some of your favorite Christmas Carols (see attached printable song sheet)

Christmas Carols
Download PDF • 55KB

3. Read the Christmas Story from Luke 2:1-20.

4. Watch this 25 minute Christmas video:

5. Answer these questions for reflection:

- The movie envisioned Joseph and Mary being turned away by their family because of the questions surrounding Jesus’ miraculous conception (Matthew 1:18-20). All of their extended family would have been in Bethlehem because of the census. How did this scandal follow Jesus in His ministry (John 8:41)? Why was it so important that Jesus be born of a virgin? 

- What did Joseph mean when he said, “I belong to Him”? What does it mean to belong to Jesus? 

- What did the shepherds understand when they saw Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in the manger? How was it like their sheep? What did God do it this way? 

- The innkeeper was so busy with all the activity surrounding the first Christmas, he almost missed it. What are some ways that we could ALMOST miss Christmas? What is the true meaning of Christmas (why did Jesus come)? 

6. Take a few minutes and share what you are most thankful for this Christmas — something that God has given you as a gift this year, not under the tree. 

7. Close in prayer — whoever wants to pray, take this moment to respond to what is most meaningful to you about Christmas, this year.

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