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Because We Can Never Have Enough Affection for Christ

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Rejoice and Tremble

Here’s a book I cannot put down. I try to down a book a week, but here’s one that has my undivided attention, and makes me slow down. Michael Reeves speaks of God and His glory like no one I have ever read, and captures the beauty of God’s holiness better than anyone I have ever read.

Perfect Companion for Pilgrim’s Progress

I have this tour on my bucket list because it takes you on a pictorial expedition of the historical sites that are still preserved from John Bunyan’s era, but they also identify those areas that were the actual inspiration for the different locations in the Pilgrim’s Progress (e.g. The Slough of Despond is an actual marsh land in Bedford).

PURE FUN: New favorite listening device

Not for the ear, these bone conducting sport headphones are 1) amazing for how technology has tapped into God’s design of the cheekbone to send sounds directly to your inner ear for a premium audio experience, but 2) lets you leave your ears open for traffic if you are running, or other sounds that typical airplanes block out.

Quote I am pondering

“The only thing you get in prayer is God. One of the chief reasons we don't delight in prayer is that we do not delight in God.” — Michael Reeves, Puritan Conference (audio coming in a couple of weeks).

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