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Because Monday through Saturday need truth too

A precious Psalm made more personal

Want to do something that will make God's Word more intimately personal? Take Psalm 139 and read it with your name in it. Sometimes we forget that we are reading David's personal (inspired) journal entries, given for our example to patter our prayers and when needed, mimic. Then insert someone you love's name in it as you pray for/over them.

Quick, helpful (and funny) read

I knew I was in trouble when I listened to this on 1.75 speed. So good and practical for people often in a hurry (me).

Jesus did this at least 9 times

Just in Luke's gospel alone, we read something like, “But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray”

(Luke 5:16.). If He did....

Quote I'm pondering

"A dead fish can swim downstream; it takes something alive to swim upstream." - Unknown

Important reminder

Desiring God has put this topic about dating in a very helpful and biblical summary with biblical soundness. Enjoy.

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